Meals have been prepared in the monastery kitchen for four hundred years, initially only for monks and then later also for today’s Tre Frati Restaurant guests; meals have always been eaten beneath the ceiling vaults of the dining hall. What connects the monk’s cooking tradition to our cooking methods is simplicity of food preparation and high quality of raw materials beeing used up.

Each product used to prepare food is the best available: from “locally grown” raw materials, mostly regional materials, to the best national and foreign ingredients. We favour byodinamic and organically produced products, small productions and small craft farms.

The choice of menu is based on seasonal products. Several dishes, as a matter of fact, are available for a few days, since they are made of natural wild ingredients which is possible to find only for a certain period of time. The different types of pasta are homemade and are cut and filled after food ordering. Food is presented in a simple way, by letting sight, smell, taste and textures enhance the value of ingredients which food is made of.


The wine cellar of Tre Frati Restaurant has been created for many decades, by favouring the extraordinary wine varieties from Abruzzi. The height of cultivation runs from sea level till mountain cultivations. The local farming system, physical and chemical properties of soil, sun exposure, types of cultivars, processing techniques and, not least, agricultural workfoce and oenologists, enable The Abruzzi to offer their end-user a very varied wine production.

Everybody will favour its own taste by choosing between a vintage or a “meditation” wine and a white, red, rosé or sparkling one. Diners can also choose among wines which are appropriate to end a meal. It is possible for guests to find both well-known wine labels and less known regional productions. A selection of artisanal beer, liquors and spirits is also available, in addition to wine, in a cellar in full view made of nineteenth-century oak wood and realized by the master craftsmen Gianni and Domenico Ricci.


It is possible to plan ceremonies, banquets, business lunches, private parties both inside and outside Tre Frati Restaurant, by creating menus for all tastes.